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ClearText from Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute
August 26, 2010

Welcome to ClearText

Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute is pleased to announce the first edition of ClearText, a new information-sharing newsletter. Each issue will focus on a single topic designed to clarify and broaden understanding about the Institute’s practices and services.

Named for the NIMS/ICS practice of clear text communications, it will address topics in a "straight to the point" manner and will be no longer than 1–2 pages. We will try to avoid lengthy justifications and explanations, but if anyone wants more information, please contact us at KUFIRE@ku.edu. We are always glad to provide detailed explanations about our programs.

ClearText will be e-mailed to fire service members and published here on our website. New editions will be sent as topics arise—possibly, one or two per month.

Earlier this year, the Institute conducted a program review with special emphasis on courses leading to national certification. Representatives from Kansas fire service were invited to participate in this review, including instructors, fire chiefs, and recent course participants from paid and volunteer departments. The first editions of ClearText will be dedicated to the outcomes and findings of that review.

These outcomes identified many items related to a need for improved communications with students, fire chiefs and fire departments. Improvements in curriculum and in course delivery mechanisms were also identified. Institute staff members have been working on course improvements, and ClearText will be one mechanism used to inform the fire service how course improvements will be implemented.

We are excited about the possibilities of ClearText. Keep an eye on your e-mail and our website for the next edition!

Next Issue

Teaching/Learning Process: The students’ responsibility

Topics for future editions:  
  • The Teaching/Learning Process: The Instructors' Responsibility
  • Preparing for certification exams
  • What is National Certification – What does National Certification really mean?
  • Sequencing Training & Certifications (Prerequisite certifications)
  • Many more…

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