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ClearText from Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute
ClearText 2011, No. 3 September 15, 2011

Listservs: A Great Way to Stay Informed

Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute (KF&RTI) maintains two e-mail listservs to facilitate communications for the Kansas fire service. These listservs allow you to receive training announcements, important news and share information with your colleagues.

Quick — Timely — Free — Available to Every Firefighter and Fire Chief in Kansas
Information and messages sent on the listservs come to your inbox immediately. No waiting for mail service, no mail delivery snafus in your organization or with city hall, and no waiting to read it on the bulletin board. Best of all, it's FREE!

Choose from Two Listservs
KUFIRELIST is an open forum listserv open to all members of the Kansas fire service and allied professions (law enforcement, EMS, etc.). All members may send e-mails to the list. If you have a question or want to participate in a discussion, you can. All announcements and messages from the Institute are sent to this list. The amount of traffic on this list is a little more than on the FIREINFO, but still averages only 1–4 messages per day.

FIREINFO is a closed listserv for any interested person. A "closed" listserv accepts messages only from designated persons—in this case only KF&RTI staff. Use this list to receive training announcements and other important announcements from the Institute without all the chatter of an open listserv.

It isn't necessary to join both listservs. You will receive all the messages from the Institute on either listserv. If you want only the announcements and messages, join the FIREINFO list. If you want to see it all and participate in the conversations, the KUFIRELIST is for you!

How to Join
To join either listserv, simply e-mail us or call. Tell us which listserv you want to join and give us your e-mail address.

Send membership requests to anyone at the Institute or to our general e-mail address (kufire@ku.edu).

Maintaining Your Status
If you are a member of the KUFIRELIST or the FIREINFO list, please remember to notify the Institute if your e-mail address changes. E-mail us to let us know which listserv you are on and that you have changed your e-mail address. Please provide your old and new e-mail address.

No Commercial Messages Allowed
Commercial messages are not allowed on our listservs. As a public organization we cannot endorse products or events, or allow our resources to be used in any other way, by for-profit organizations.

We do allow announcements from Kansas fire service and other publicly funded organizations to advertise their events on the KUFIRELIST. If your department is selling a piece of surplus equipment, we'll approve posting it under certain circumstances. We ask that you contact us for approval before sending the message.

If your department has a job opening, feel free to post it on the KUFIRELIST. If you have a message, announcement, or solicitation to send, but are not sure if it is allowed, please just call us for clarification.

A Final Note
We maintain these listservs for the Kansas fire service. We do not allow membership to commercial vendors or interests on the KUFIRELIST—members must be Kansas firefighters.

We will allow anyone to join the FIREINFO list.

We ask members of the KUFIRELIST to remember that hundreds of people in the fire service see these messages. Messages must be professional and free of coarse or unprofessional language.

"REPLY" messages are sent to everyone on the listserv. Don't make the mistake of thinking you are replying to the sender only. We've had a few incidents over the years where something tacky or unprofessional was sent on the list because an individual thought they were "replying" only to the sender. ALL "REPLY" MESSAGES ARE SENT TO THE WHOLE LIST. You may send a personal message to an individual either by using the "FORWARD" command and entering the individual's address, or simply send that person an original e-mail.

For more information, please visit our website: www.continuinged.ku.edu/fire/firelist.php

Have questions? Need a presenter for your next county meeting? Would you like someone to come to your next function to make a presentation to learn what the Institute can do for you? The Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute would be pleased to come and talk to your organization. Call or send an e-mail with details of date, time, location and a local contact person (and phone number). We'll be in touch to confirm our attendance.

Call 866-804-8841 or send an e-mail to KUFIRE@ku.edu. Ask for Glenn Pribbenow or any program manager.

Have a topic you want to see addressed? Send your idea to KUFIRE@ku.edu!

Add kuce2@ku.edu to your address book or safe list to ensure that our messages are delivered properly.
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