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ClearText from Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute
ClearText 2012, No. 2 • July, 2012

KF&RTI Announces Three New Courses

The Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute is pleased to announce that three new courses are available for Kansas fire departments. All of these courses are ready for scheduling—so contact us now if you would like to host one of these deliveries.

As with all of our courses, you can schedule one of these for your department or request to host a regional class that surrounding departments may also attend. To request a class, call the Institute toll-free at 866-804-8841, email us at kufire@ku.edu or contact any staff member.

Grain Engulfment Rescue
This course provides the knowledge and skills required to perform a Grain Engulfment Rescue. It covers the skills and knowledge required to rescue a victim engulfed in grain. This course requires a basic knowledge of Confined Space Rescue techniques as well as knowledge of lockout/tagout procedures as prescribed by OSHA and other regulations. Removal/rescue from grain bins and hoppers, grain bin cutting procedures, entrapment prevention and hazards of working in and around grain storage facilities are also addressed in this course. Removal of victims from locations requiring high-angle rescues is not covered in this course due to the advanced nature of this training. Contact the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute for more information regarding Rope Rescue 1 & 2 courses that will meet high-angle rescue training needs.

Training for this course includes the use of the Institute’s new Grain Engulfment Rescue Trainer built in a 35' trailer that contains a grain bin, hopper and metal (grain bin) cutting station. This trailer provides the realistic challenges of performing these rescues in a safe environment. Local fire departments are encouraged to invite local grain handling company employees to participate in this training. Contact the Institute for more information about hosting this class.

Recruiting and Retaining Emergency Service Volunteers
Fire and emergency response departments across the nation face some big challenges staffing their departments. This training contains a number of practical ideas that may fit your community. They are based on this simple premise: The most effective way to get volunteers (recruits) is to keep (retain) the ones you already have. Your current volunteers will be your best recruits and recruiters.

This workshop has two parts. In the first, you will learn tactics you can immediately use to help recruit volunteers. The tactics are organized in three categories: organizational (how your department is operated), personnel (looking for potential volunteers) and procedural (proven methods used to aid in your recruiting).

The workshop’s second part is a working session in which a specific, realistic plan for recruiting more volunteers is developed by participants. You will leave with a prepared outlined developed for your department!

Electric Vehicle Safety
NFPA’s Electric Vehicle Safety Training provides firefighters and other first responders with the information necessary to respond to emergency situations involving all advanced electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles on the road today. This course, developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, will provide fire service personnel with the knowledge and training needed to respond to an electric vehicle incident safely.

Training topics include:

  • Identification of electric & hybrid vehicles
  • Overview of electrical systems
  • Immobilization process
  • Power-down procedures
  • Emergency operations (battery fire, submersion)
  • Vehicle fire recommended practices
  • EV extrication awareness, including high-strength steel
  • EV charging stations

Schedule Your Training Today!
To request any of these classes, contact the Institute. As with the majority of courses available to the Kansas fire service, the Institute also provides these courses to Kansas firefighters at no cost to the fire department or individual. Call us today to schedule one of these classes or whatever training your department needs.

Have questions? Need a presenter for your next county meeting? Would you like someone to come to your next function to make a presentation to learn what the Institute can do for you? The Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute would be pleased to come and talk to your organization. Call or send an email with details of date, time, location and a local contact person (and phone number). We'll be in touch to confirm our attendance.

Call 866-804-8841 or send an email to kufire@ku.edu. Ask for Glenn Pribbenow or any program manager.

Have a topic you want to see addressed? Send your idea to kufire@ku.edu!

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