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ClearText from Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute
ClearText 2012, No. 3 • July, 2012

Changes in Certificates from Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute

In the very near future the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute, KU Continuing Education (KF&RTI), will be making a slight change in the certificates that we issue for training classes. In the past we issued one generic certificate that stated “Be It Known That (insert name) Has Completed the Course Titled (insert course name).

The new process will actually use two certificates to more accurately reflect the type of course and student performance. The first certificate is what we generally refer to as a “certificate of attendance.” The parameters used to issue this certificate will be for “untested” courses (courses that do not include a formal evaluation/test). These types of courses will include basic continuing education courses (Basic Firefighter Training, Interior Live Firefighting, Handling Propane Emergencies, etc.). This category will also include any course reported to the KF&RTI (via the Course Report Form) with no final test scores. This includes courses designed as “tested” courses that have been reported with no final exam scores. This certificate will read: “(insert name) is awarded this certificate of attendance for the course titled (insert course name).

The second certificate used is commonly referred to as a “successful completion” certificate and will be issued only for those courses that include an examination process. The examination process is typically an end of course exam, but does not exclude a course using section quizzes. The individual student must pass the course exam in order to qualify for the “successful completion” certificate. These courses include Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, Driver/Operator, and a growing number of other courses that lead to certification and National Fire Academy courses.

The KF&RTI began moving toward testing all courses a number of years ago. We have been making significant progress toward the goal of testing all courses (when feasible). This change will allow us to recognize the higher standard of performance being required of the student. The KF&RTI policy regarding not issuing certificates for students failing exams remains unchanged.

This is a minor change that will not require any change on the student’s part. We have been administering course tests for a number of years, and have simply updated our certificates to recognize your successful efforts. If you have questions regarding this change, please contact the Institute.

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