at the University of Kansas

Central Kansas Region Schedule


TitleStart DateLocation
Revisiting the 1960s Counterculture: A Sociological and Personal Perspective
September 22, 2015Hutchinson
Can You Dig It? An Introduction to Kansas Archeology
October 8, 2015Hutchinson
The Movies You Didn't See: The Who, What and Why of Censorship
October 26, 2015Hutchinson

South Hutchinson

TitleStart DateLocation
Apostle Paul: Missionary, Pastor and Theologian
October 30, 2015South Hutchinson


TitleStart DateLocation
Winchester May Have Won the West, but Hardware Built It
September 15, 2015Hesston
Ethiopia: Garden of Eden and the New Jerusalem
October 9, 2015Hesston
Marches, Boycotts and Jim Crow: The Struggle for Freedom and Equality
November 5, 2015Hesston


TitleStart DateLocation
Where Do You Draw the Line & Why?: Moral and Ethical Issues Examined
October 29, 2015Newton

North Newton

TitleStart DateLocation
History's Great Composers
October 30, 2015North Newton


TitleStart DateLocation
The Vietnam War
October 15, 2015Lindsborg
How Can I Keep from Singing?
November 5, 2015Lindsborg


TitleStart DateLocation
The Heritage of Kansas Workers: Homesteaders, Miners, Farmers and More
September 16, 2015Manhattan
The Romance of the Old Trade Routes
September 24, 2015Manhattan
The Vietnam War
September 29, 2015Manhattan
Why Hitchcock Matters
October 5, 2015Manhattan
The Farmer's Iron Horse: Railroads and Agricultural Extension in the 20th-Century American West
October 15, 2015Manhattan
Kansas Cowtowns
October 20, 2015Manhattan
Improvisation--Say "YES and...!"
November 2, 2015Manhattan


TitleStart DateLocation
The Romance of the Old Trade Routes
September 22, 2015McPherson
Six Women Who Made History
September 23, 2015McPherson
Blown Away: The Science of Kansas Weather
October 14, 2015McPherson
History's Great Composers
October 26, 2015McPherson


TitleStart DateLocation
The Life and Times of Harry Truman
September 23, 2015Salina
Psychology of Religion
October 13, 2015Salina
Bleeding Kansas
November 4, 2015Salina
Harper Lee and Home Again
November 5, 2015Salina

Special Events

TitleStart DateLocation
An Excursion to Historic Marysville and Marshall County - From Manhattan
September 25, 2015Marysville
Oklahoma City--A Three-Day Cultural Adventure (Single Occupancy)
October 21, 2015Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City--A Three-Day Cultural Adventure (Double Occupancy)
October 21, 2015Oklahoma City, OK
An Acoustic Evening with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt...and Exclusive Reception!
October 22, 2015Salina
Field Trip to Coronado Quivira Museum in Lyons
October 29, 2015Lyons
Irving Berlin--From Rags to Riches
November 6, 2015Salina
Irving Berlin--From Rags to Riches (Comp for Symphony ticketholders)
November 6, 2015Salina
Kansas State Capitol and Brown v. Board Tour - From Manhattan
November 13, 2015Topeka
Kansas State Capitol Tour - From Hutchinson via McPherson and Salina
November 19, 2015Topeka

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